Saturday, May 31, 2008

Tasting Summer

Despite the fact that last week we actually had a few days with highs hovering in the upper 50's, it seems that summer is finally coming to Ann Arbor. I spotted the first flower on my sugar snap pea plants, the nasturtiums are finally leafing, and the Ann Arbor Farmers Market is starting to look like genuine eye candy.

There are still heaps of greens (spinach, spring mix lettuces and baby swiss chard) and plenty of farmers peddling asparagus spears ranging from pencil thin to dangerously thick. But this week the strawberries, baby squashes, and even the delicate squash blossoms made their debut.

We dove into the strawberries right away--who could resist? And the patty pans and baby zucchinis will be sauteed and served alongside some roasted fingerling potatoes. Bon apetit!


kim said...

Beautiful photos. Your blog is great! You're a talented writer, my friend. Keep it going. ;)


TeacherPatti said...

Lovely blog! Those strawberries were sooo good. I accidentally dropped one on the floor and my dog was on it like it was crack. Then he kept begging me for more, but I wouldn't share. It was kinda sad to watch.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

I found out about your blog via Kim. Beautiful picture. It's so nice to have strawberries again!

Terrific blog!

Alex said...

Thanks, fellow bloggers! Patti, I know what you mean about the berries--my toddler is constantly jonesing for strawberries.