Sunday, November 16, 2008

Gee, I Sure Love...

Tantre Farms' giant bag of mixed baby salad greens. The best salad I've ever had, with a nice mix of spicy, bitter, and sweet leaves of at least 6 different varieties. Why no picture? Because we ate it all, that's why.

And Tantre's French Breakfast Radishes with butter and salt. Snow is falling outside my window. It's dark, and cold enough now for the snow to stick to everything, even my sidewalk.But my kitchen is warm, and my plate is (was) full of verdant, fresh vegetables that leave my family happy and well-fed. Cheers!

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Sarah said...

I am working on my last bag of Tantre salad mix as we speak. When it's gone, I'm going to have to buy salad from the GROCERY STORE. I can't...I just can't stand this turn of events though I knew it would have to happen.

Thank goodness I still have about 20 pounds of Tantre potatoes in my basement!